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test he could. but he didn't come across as strong and assertive in my view. >> how did, obama do? >> i thought he was an a minus. >> a. >> a, you get -- you are a tough a? >> i have not given an a in this entire series of debates to anyone. i thought this was actually barack obama's best moment. and to me the commander-in-chief test and strong and decisive was actually the most important thing in the campaign. it's why mitt romney rose in the aftermath of the first debate. i thought the president came across that way. tll was a few instances i thought he came across a little aggressive. as you watch the debate. you can see he is clear, decisive, and make the decisions you need to make. on that regard i give him an a. >> he seems more confident in this area? >> he is the commander-in-chief right now. let's just leave it at that. it wasn't quite as hard for him to reach that level of an a or a minus. than it was for mitt romney. >> let's give them the bottom line here. who's the winner in your judgment? >> i'm not going to say there is a clear winner. overall obama scored more points. mi
. president obama came in favored on foreign policy. mitt romney didn't do much to shake that up. of course, 14 days to go. they will fry to see if they've can get any momentum out of it if they can. >> yes, indeed. >> thank you, karen for the report. appreciate it. >>> we are also following breaking news overnight in the search for a missing new jersey girl. officials believe they have found the body of 12-year-old autumn pasqual inside a recycling container not far from where she disappeared. the middle school student last seen saturday afternoon riding to a friend's house. her family reported her missing when she did not return by curfew. >>> lance armstrong's tour de france championships have been erased from the records. the seven-time winner was officially stripped of his title then banned for life. for doping. a top cycling official says armstrong deserves to be forgotten in the sport. armstrong has always denied the doping allegations. >>> they use such harsh language in the report, documented to be the most sophisticated, professional and successful doping program that sport has ev
positive things happen as part of the debate. i think obama you can look at your scorecard say he scored zingers, maybe wins on points. in terms of the big take aways. mitt romney was on the stage looking presidential, credible as an alternative to president obama. that's his goal. present himself as a credible alternative, possible choice for undecided voteders. >> so much throughout the debate you heard, mitt romney say i agree with you, mr. president. was it alternative? i don't think the average voter would see too much difference between the two? >> the romney campaign calculation this is going to come down to the economy and that's it. you need to get buy in on the other issues. this could be seen as a possible president on issues of commander-in-chief. i think his goal was to do no harm. not lobbing grenades at the obama foreign policy. where he had successes he was ready to applaud them. i am going to take what he has done and move it forward. he was the candidate of hope, and presentation of a positive vision more than president obama. >> the bottom line this debate was about fo
together in kenya. >> nice one-liner, mr. president. well today mr. obama completes his two-day, 5,300-mile cross-country campaign swing in florida, virginia, ohio, all key battleground states. also in his home state of illinois where he will cast his in person early vote. >>> well the republican challenger, mitt romney is racking up road miles of his own crisscrossing through nevada, iowa and ohio. romney is focused on one of his familiar campaign themes, the economy. he is urging potential voters to kid their personal circumstances, saying, he's the one who can get things "cooking again." >>> i believe this is a defining election. defining for the nation, but also defining for your family. and i say that because, it will make a difference this election will. a difference for the nation, a difference for the families of america. and a difference for your own family. >> today, romney will spend the entire day on the stump in the pivotal battleground states of ohio. drumming up support there. if he does take ohio, takes the election, he'll become the first republican challenger to didn't ele
winning ohio. >> obama still up by five points in ohio, encouraging to the campaign. still so tight in so many states. a nail biter of an election everyone knows that. the way it is looking, romney is doing very well among white men. the president is doing very well among women and hispanics. that's why you see emphasis on the ground game, getting those supporters out to the polls. who ever gets their people out, that is who is going to be in the white house come january. that's the game right now. obama has an embedded ground game. and romney is going to try to keep pace with, incumbency factor when it comes to the ground game apparatus in motion already. >> the next couple weeks spend $80 million combined in tv advertising. that money could be used. >> people always say that. imagine money on campaigns went to education, hunger, medical research. pick something. big bucks. have fun in the battleground states. bombarded for 13 days. police in suburban denver are removing evidence from the home of a teenage college student in custody for the kidnapping and murder of 10-year-old jessica ri
romney with a slight lead over president obama. >> with just 11 days to go it is all up for grabs and depending more than ever on state ohio where abc's karen travers has been tracking the candidates. >> reporter: finishing off a marathon two-day campaign blitz, president obama rolled into the most critical battleground of all -- >> hello, ohio! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: ohio with its 18 electoral votes could be state that decide the next president. >> this send a message not just across ohio but across the whole country. this campaign is growing, the momentum is building, we are taking back america. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: polls in the battleground state show the president with edge. latest poll in ohio has him up by five. buckeye state voters are used to being center of political universe. this year they're being showered with attention. the president made 14 stops. the state he visited most in office. mitt romney, 15 trips. about a third of all vote nationwide will be cast before election day. and the campaigns are trying to lock down supporters now so t
sprint to election day as president obama and mitt romney are zigzagging through the country. they are trying their best to sway crucial women voters. >> the president is ahead with women, but romney is still holding his own,remarks from a politician that he continues to endorse. more now from abc's david muir. >> reporter: they're the words that have caused a firestorm from a senate candidate who just days ago put up this ad -- an endorsement from mitt romney. >> this fall i am supporting richard mourdock for senate. >> reporter: now that senate candidate reigniting a flash point. when asked in a debate if he supported abortion in race cases of rain, he said this. >> i came to realize life is a gift from god, i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen. >> reporter: for mitt romney, though, it complicates his final push to appeal to more women voters. president obama leads among women. among the key group, romney is ahead by more than 20 points in our newest polls, increasing that number could be the key t
they were back. >> turtles. >> they are. >> rafael. of course it wouldn't be complete with president obama and governor romney. they're here to join us too. >> they're getting along really well. >> tell you what happened on the third debate, right? >> yes, yes. not sure about that. love it. good job. >> yeah. >> i think everyone is going to come back out and join us. i think everyone is coming. >> is everyone coming? >> yea! [ applause ] >> beautiful. ♪ ♪ the monster mash ♪ >> princesses in the front. big princesses in the back. super heroes. nice. >> thank you! >> you guys did a great job. >> thank you, thank you, happy halloween, right. >> happy halloween. >> wonderful. she is our toy insider, laurie schect, thank you, laurie. we can get all the costumes on line? >> online. major pop-up stores these days in everyone's neighborhood. don't forget make great costumes at home. >> wonderful. >> i think our husband are going to be digging these costumes. >> i think so. i think so. >> we'll be right back. ♪ the monster mash ♪ maybe the mash ♪ ♪ >>> some baseball news now. first of
treat victims with gun violence every day here at our hospital. >> reporter: president obama and gop vice-presidential candidate paul ryan, who's from wisconsin, both expressed their condolences. volunteers mobilized at a local salvation army. among those turning out to help, members of the sikh temple in nearby oak creek, wisconsin, where a gunman killed six people before killing himself in august. >> brookfield has a tragic history of another mass shooting in 2005. a gunman killed seven people and then himself at a church meeting less than a mile from the spa that was the site of sunday's shooting. >> terrible story. >>> well, more than 50 people were injured when the floor collapsed at a crowded party in a tallahassee, florida, apartment building. the floor just suddenly gave way about 1:30 sunday morning, sending 100 partygoers crashing from the second floor to the first. one witness said it was like riding a roller-coaster with no seat belts. some were trapped inside while others scrambled to escape. >> the floor just kept caving in more and more. at that point in time everybody
ahead of president obama by just one percentage point, 49%, 48%. you see it right there. it's actually even tighter than that, without rounding the numbers, they're separated only by .07 of a point. >>> and president obama is hitting the swing states, campaigning in ohio yesterday. after starting the day in florida following a final debate and today he kicks off a two-day, eight-state campaign blitz. day one will take him to iowa, colorado, california and nevada. before he spends tonight, back in the sunshine state. >>> meanwhile, his challenger, mitt romney is crisscrossing many of the very same battleground states. he went from the debate in florida to nevada, then on to colorado yesterday. today he is set to swing right back to nevada and then campaign in iowa. >> these numbers are dizzying, but obama's job approval rating is now 49% among likely voters, which is the lowest since september, late september. even when george w. went for re-election his number never dropped below 50% among likely voters. so to see if obama is re-elected, it is going to have to go against history in the
are seeing president obama maintain a lead. so there seems to be a firewall built around the state of ohio where the national trends, even things that are going on in other battleground. don't seem to be hitting home in ohio at least just yet. so that means we have the possibility of an electoral college winner who is different than the popular vote winner. it is becoming a more probability by the days. polls show romney getting more votes. president obama with the edge in the key battleground. >> real quick, why do you think the firewall exists in ohio? what is the there in that state? >> the state is different for a couple reasons. for one reason, the unemployment rate is different than actual rate. all arguments about the economy that mitt romney is making may have less resonance. the auto industry. about one in eight folks in ohio have a job somewhat tied to the auto industry. bailout huge for president obama, the old op-ed said let detroit go bankrupt, coming back to haunt him over and over. and neither of the candidates has a demographic lock on ohio. they have trouble with white wor
. >> first, president obama and governor romney have battled to a draw. that's right. a new poll of likely voters shows the presidential race is an absolute dead heat. >> a nail biter. one mistake can make all the difference. candidates are preparing feverishly for tonight's final debate. abc's david kerley reports on the debate with just 15 days to go. >> reporter: taking a break from debate preparation, mitt romney flipped a coin for a football game between his staff and reporters who were still asking questions. >> would you be open to one-on-one talks with iran? >> reporter: no answer on the report that iranians are ready to talk directly to the u.s. about its nuclear program. one republican called it an iranian ploy. >> as to iran they have quadruple uranium to make a bomb before obama got in office. >> reporter: the white house denied a meeting is set, added it is open to one-on-one talks. a source warned the administration is cautious, because the iranians have used negotiations in the past as a stalling tactic. what is clear, this will be a debate point. >> we have iran, four years
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)